Regulation of Agvet Chemicals and Technologies

The first Regulation of Agvet Chemicals and Technologies (RACT) conference was held in 2020. The RACT Committee is pleased to announce that the conference will be returning in 2023 for further collaboration, innovation and education across the sector, with the next conference scheduled for 6-9 February 2023.

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6-9 February 2023 conference

Globally, there is an increasing focus on improving access to agricultural and veterinary innovations such as safe and effective farm chemicals, biological agents and other technologies.

The RACT 2023 conference will help broaden the understanding of regulatory science, policy and practice issues including ‘red tape’ reduction, changing community expectations of risk and technology.

RACT 2023 will provide a forum where future science, technical and regulatory issues can be discussed, high-quality evidence-based decision-making can be promoted and regulatory agencies, industry, Government and research organisations can share ideas and pursue solutions to complex challenges.

Call for abstracts

Researchers, industry, regulatory agency and Government representatives from the agvet sector are invited to submit abstracts on the conference themes:

Biosecurity, Access and Trade Stream including:
Biosecurity, Access and Trade, Impact of international regulatory policies and the effect on Australian markets, Science to support growers and regulators

Social and Legal Stream including:
Political, Social and Legal issues, Social Licence, Pathways to legislation/regulation, Activism, Future Topics, Sustainability and Regulating through a Global Pandemic

Futures Stream including:
Emerging technologies and regulation of autonomous vehicles and drones/UAV, Lab grown proteins, Science to support growers and regulators, Topical RNAi Regulator, Emerging agricultural industries (i.e. cultured meats; milks; new plant based products), Emerging “AgTech” and new AgVet Technologies (i.e. new crop protection technologies and systems; medicinal marijuana)

Process Improvement Stream including:
Electronic or smart labelling, Spray drift, Data Sharing, Data Mining and Global Joint Reviews, Data transportability

Effect of regulatory aspects on innovation
How do start-ups get their regulatory information?

Education and training
Education, training, communication and perception

Submissions and early bird registrations close 19th November 2022

Registration information
Full conference – Early bird rate $870
Full conference – Standard rate $990
Full conference – Concession rate $350
Single day rate – $400
Additional dinner ticket – $100

Full registration includes a dinner ticket
Early bird registrations close: 19th of November 2022
Registrations close: 10th of January 2023

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