When is meat not meat?


Vertebrate livestock as a traditional source of animal protein in the Australian diet is being challenged by new technologies promising ‘slaughter free’ meat or more sustainable protein sources. From plant-based ‘meats’ and ‘milks’, to cultured cells of plant or animal origin, to insects and beyond, these technologies have implications for our future dietary habits, and also for our regulatory systems that govern the integrity and safety of our food. These new technologies and sources of protein challenge our conception of food production, what ‘meat’ actually is, and how food should be labelled. Join our online discussion to hear our panel of experts reflecting on their experience of developing and regulating these new technologies. We ask you to consider, as a consumer, when is meat not meat? When it comes from a lab? When it comes from a plant? When it comes from an insect? And should these new sources of protein be regulated in similar ways to our traditional production methods using livestock?