Basic principles of toxicology

Basic principles of toxicology

This first short course in toxicology is an introduction to the toxic risks associated with chemical, physical and biological agents on living organisms and ecosystems.

It also investigates the conflicting media reports and society perceptions of these risks. The course is for everyone interested in the adverse effects of agricultural and industrial chemicals, and medicinal and veterinary products on biological systems.

This course is offered: fully online

On entry, you will have immediate access to all teaching material and assessment tasks.

This course is an estimated: 25 hours

It can be completed flexibly and in your own time.

Access this course now for: $450

What’s the course about?

Completing a Boost short course earns you credit towards a recognised UNE degree, so you get the course related skills AND a step toward a University qualification.

UNE has a long pedigree offering award winning distance education. Our experience with online learning gives you 24/7 access and support while you learn.

Industry expertise and the latest research are combined to give you the most recent and industry relevant information.

On completion, you receive a certificate of completion for this course, and the industry relevant knowledge and skills that come with it. You also receive credit towards a recognised UNE degree or qualification. Contact us to take advantage of this or for more information.